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Online DIY Store |  Decorating, Home & Leisure

Free delivery on UK mainland orders over £120 (inc VAT) *T&C's apply - Sliding Wardrobe Doors are not included.

Decorating, Home & Leisure

Online DIY Store |  Decorating, Home & Leisure

Brushes, Brooms, Handles, Litter Pickers

Brushes, brooms, handles and litter pickers.

Brush Cleaner & Restorer

Brush cleaner & restorer.


General purpose bucket with hundreds of uses around the worksite, home and garden. Each bucket has graduated markings in Gallons and Litres and is fitted with a strong wire handle and plastic carry grip.

Carpet Stretcher

An essential tool for the professional carpet layer providing an easy means to push and stretch carpet in to place ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Caustic Soda

This is a white granular powder which when added to water produces a solution which is ideal for unblocking drains and heavy-duty cleaning.

Cleaning Products

Brick & patio cleaners, disinfectants, hand cleaners, glass cleaner, graffiti remover, UPVC Cleaner and other cleaning products.

Decorating Accessories - Sponges etc.

Various decorating accessories including paint can holders, paint can openers, stirrers, sponges etc.

Glass Cutters and Wheels

Large range of glasscutters from faithfull, vitrex and shaws

Mould Killer

Polycell Mould Killer contains a powerful fungicide which kills and removes mould. It totally prevents re-growth in one single application.

Paint Brushes, Pads, Rollers, Trays & Buckets

Various paint brushes, paint pads, rollers, trays, buckets and extension poles.

Permanent Marker Pens

Stanley and Sharpie Permanent marker pens in a range of styles.

Profile Gauges

Quick and easy way to copy awkward shapes. Ideal for tiling, wallpaper, laying carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring. Saves costly mistakes.

Decorating - Preparation

A range of sanding blocks, decorators hawks, dustguards and dustsheets, shave hooks, filling knives, putty knives, stripping knives, chisel knives, hacking knives, mixing paddles, paint scrapers, carpet and window guards, scrapers etc.

Wall Coating Flicker Sprayer

This hand operated wall coating sprayer is ideal for applying Tyrolean and Roughcast wall covering material on both interior and exterior walls.

Wallpapering Tools & Paperhanging Brushes

Wallpapering tools and paperhanging brushes

Radiator, Stop Cock, Manhole & Utility Keys

Radiator keys, stop cock keys, manhole lift keys and utility cabinet keys.

Snow Shovels

Snow shovel heads and snow shovel complete with handles.

Suction Lifter

Suction lifter for lifting glass, metal sheet etc.

Sugar Soap

A concentrated solution which when diluted with water effectively removes grease, grime and nicotine from painted surfaces to ensure improved adhesion. Also ideal as a general household cleaner.

Thermos Flask

The jumbo vacuum flask is perfect for keeping food and drink hot or cold.

Tiling Tools & Accessories

Tiling tools, tiling accessories, underfloor heating systems.

Glue Guns

Glue guns and glue sticks.

Online DIY Store |  Decorating, Home & Leisure

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