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Liberon Accessories

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Liberon Work Apron

Liberon Apron is a traditional, 100% pure cotton cabinetmakers apron. With large front pocket and long tie ribbons one size fits all.

Liberon Cotton Rags

Liberon Cotton Rags are 100% pure cotton rags for use as lint-free cloths for buffing wax polishes. They are are also suitable for making traditional French polishing rubbers.

Liberon Tack Cloths

Liberon Dust Grab is ideal for removing heavy dust from surfaces in the home, car or workshop. Impregnated with a unique blend of resins dust readily adheres to the tacky face of the cloth, however it does not leave a sticky residue on the surface. Dust Grab is long lasting and can be used and re-used many times over.

Liberon Honing Oil

Liberon Honing Oil is ideal for cleaning and reviving oilstones that have become dirty or clogged with greasy oil. Liberon Homing Oil is specially formulated to clean and lubricate the oilstone while sharpening tools.

Liberon Cotton Waste

Liberon Cotton Waste is made from pure cotton strands that are used as wadding inside French polishing rubbers. For use with Liberon Cotton Rags to make French polishing rubbers that are easy to shape and that allow the French polish to flow evenly.

Online DIY Store | Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare | Liberon Products |  Liberon Accessories

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