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Online DIY Store |  Hand Tools

Free delivery on UK mainland orders over £120 (inc VAT) *T&C's apply - Sliding Wardrobe Doors are not included.

Hand Tools

Online DIY Store |  Hand Tools

Clamps & Cramps

A range of clamps including clamp heads, flooring clamps, g clamps, sash clamps and toolmakers clamps.

Files and Rasps

A comprehensive range of files and rasps for use on metals and wood.

Foam & Pointing Guns

Foam and pointing guns.

Grease Guns & Accessories

A range of grease guns and accessories such as hydraulic couplers, connecting hoses etc.

Hammers and Mallets

Hammers and mallets including: ball pein, scutch, brick & mortar, claw, club, mallets, pin, warrington, sledge, specialised hammers (eg. geologists etc.), thor hammers etc.

Knives & Knife Blades

A comprehensive range of knives for trimming, craft work etc.


A large range of levels in varying lengths and styles including box, girder, scaffold, torpedo and water levels.

Pliers, Pincers, Snips, Cutters & Croppers

A large range of bolt croppers, pliers, snips and shears, pincers, mole grips, gripping tools, tinsnips and multitools.

Saws and Saw Blades

A comprehensive range of saws and blades including: bow, concrete, coping, floorboard, fret, hacksaws, hand, plasterboard, keyhole, padsaws, tenon, gents, tiling and toolbox.

Screwdrivers, Allen Keys and Torx Keys

A comprehensive range of screwdrivers and allen keys including the complete range of screwdrivers, instrument screwdrivers, jewellers screwdrivers, mains testers, torx screwdrivers etc.

Tape Measures, Rules & Measuring Tools

A comprehensive range of tapes, measures and rules (including road & track measuring wheels) in varying lengths and for numerous applications. Also protractors for measuring angles etc.

Sockets & Ratchet Handles

A comprehensive range of sockets, sockets sets, ratchet handles and torque wrenches in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" sizes.

Spanners and Wrenches

A comprehensive range of spanners and wrenches including: adjustable, basin, leader, mole grips, spanners, rors wrench, spanner sets and stillson wrenches.

Soldering, Riveting & Staple Guns

A comprehensive range of soldering, riveting and stapling products including: hand riveters, lazy tongs, soldering irons, staple guns, tackers, bradders and accessories.

Builders & Contractors Tools

A complete range of builders and contactors tools including; brick line, line pins and markers, brick jointers and rakers, builders floats, chalk line and powder refills, cold chisels, bolsters and scutch chisels, demolition bars and crow bars, door lifter, groundwork tools, hods, plastering and dry lining tools, roofing squares, scaffolder spanners & hammers, shovels and contractor forks, specialist builders tools, trowels, tarpaulin


A range of vices including; drill vice, engineers vice, mechanics vice, reversible vice, woodwork vice and protective fibre grip jaws.

Engineering & Metalworking Tools

A range of tools engineering and metalworking tools including; blocking hammers, bolt grip removers, calipers, centre punches, combination and protracto sets, dividers, gauges, engineers - level, scrapers, scribers, straight edges, square, magnetic bases and stands, markers, micrometers, pick up retrieval tools, pn chucks, punches, safety rules, taps, dies and stocks, thread restoring tools, vee blocks.

Plumbing & Pipework Tools

A range of plumbers plumbing and pipework tools.

Woodworking Tools

A range of woodworking tools including; bradawls, cabinet scrapers, carpenters mallets, carpenters pencils and crayons, carpenters square, chisels, combination squares, hand drills and braces, marking gauges, mitre boxes, try and mitre squares, nail pullers, nail punches, sliding bevels, spokeshave, surforms, hand planes, try squares, wood carving tools, wood turning tools and carpenters tool kits.

Online DIY Store |  Hand Tools

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